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Apr 19, 2010: Rainwater Harvesting


German made Graf rainwater harvesting systems are available in four sizes - 2,700 litres - 3750 litres - 4800 litres - 6,500 litres.

Graf rainwater tanks are the largest, high quality injection moulded rainwater tanks in the world, incorporating options such as crossflow pre-filtration for leaves and moss, high quality submersible pumps and automatic control systems for switching between rainwater feed and mains water.

Benefits of using Graf rainwater harvesting;

1) Save up to 50% of domestic mains water use, or higher with multiple tanks.

2) Acts as a large reservoir water back up in times of low mains water pressure or mains water interruption on poorly supplied group water schemes.

3) Reduces peak load on sewer networks after rainfall in towns and cities.

4) Helps to preserve ground water / aquifer supply sources.

5) Allows major savings on commercial / agricultural water metering and billing.  Save up to 100% on annual water bills approaching or exceeding 10,000 euros.





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